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Brianna Stone has the perfect beach life. She has the perfectly hunky/lawyer husband, the perfect son, the perfect home on the beach and the perfect job. Things seem to be spiraling downhill though.

Bri’s perfect husband Douglas is working long hours. When a snide remark from one of her acquaintances points out to her that maybe her life isn’t so perfect, Bri begins to feel that maybe she needs to make some changes in her life to keep her husband interested in her.

Bri embarks on a mission to change things. She takes her mother-in-laws advice to remodel her livingroom to make it more presentable for Douglas as a rising lawyer. She buys a new wardrobe to make herself look more dignified instead of the beach/comfortable that she normally wears. She has her hair streaked with new color. She even takes some cooking classes so that she can present home-cooked meals to her family instead of the take-out fare that they are used to.

Things are not rosy at her work either. Bri loves her job as a tour guide. When the owner of the company decides to leave the business in her son’s hands things start getting weird there for Bri. She tries setting the son up with her best friend Gaby. She thinks that Gaby and Ty are hitting it off, but Bri misses the subtle hints that Ty is more interested in her.

Bri realizes finally that she needs to be who God made her to be. She needs to be herself. Bri’s spunk and sarcasm had me smiling and laughing throughout the story. I even shed a tear at a tender moment between Douglas and Bri. I especially enjoyed the sailing off into the sunset ending!


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Lindsay Scott can hear everything that anyone is saying about her no matter where they are in the world. She used to be a famous actress but has been in seclusion for several years. Her house is the only place that she can go that she cannot hear what people think about her.

When a couple of teenage boys read a tabloid article stating that Lindsay is being held against her will by her overbearing father they decide to “set her free”. So they kidnap her. Thinking they are doing Lindsay a great favor the boys are confused when all she wants to do is go back to her home.

In reality Lindsay’s father has just died and she is living on her own. She has never known her mother whom she assumes abandoned her and her father when Lindsay was a baby. What Lindsay doesn’t know is that her “gift” is not something that she alone has. There are others out there that have her gift.

Through the help of the boys and Roz, Lindsay learns how to deal with and appreciate her special gift. She learns to think about others and to see that she can make a difference in her world instead of being cooped up in her safe house.

I liked the story, the only problem I really had with it was that it was slow-paced. Not like other more exciting books written by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

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Matt Hogan is an undercover FBI agent. His latest assignment is to infiltrate a ring of criminals suspected of everything from sex slavery to murder.  The operation is suspected of attempting to kill a FBI agents wife because she witnessed the disposal of a body on a lonely road.

 Matt’s cover is almost blown a couple of times. Each time he is able to convince the “bad guys” that he really is one of them and that their concerns are unfounded. If he is found out to be an FBI agent these criminals will have no problem getting rid of him to save their industry.

Matt rents a warehouse to help establish his credibility with Boris the boss of the crime ring. When Boris brings in a Marine tank and secretly plants explosives on it, Matt realizes that Boris and his gang are into way more than he bargained for.

There were parts of this book that I really enjoyed reading. It kept me on the edge of my seat at times. It had a pretty exciting conclusion. BUT, there were other parts of the book that I didn’t like at all. The treatment of one of the FBI’s woman co-worker was so irritating. They called her “The Queen Mother” behind her back and they acted condescending to her face. True, she probably deserved it, but we as the reader only knew this from Matt and his partners point of view. We didn’t get a glimpse of what her thoughts were, what her motives were etc. It seemed a bit too woman bashing for the sake of woman bashing than deserved treatment. There were also several times that I found my eyes rolling at some silly clichés that the author would insert randomly throughout the book. This was definitely a “guy” book. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy the action and suspense. I’ll pass it on to my husband and see what he thinks.

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Monica and her father are estranged. Her father gave up his family for his country. Now his job has put Monica in jeopardy. Terrorists have kidnapped 3 American citizens. They have now threatened to kidnap Monica if her father does not give in to their demands.

Mark and his partner Evan Cooper(Coop) are sent to protect Monica. They are part of the FBI’s HRT(Hostage Rescue Team). Monica thinks that everyone is overreacting and refuses to go to a safe house. She agrees to let Mark and Coop protect her in her home, but doesn’t see the need to disappear. Unfortunately these terrorists are serious about their need for revenge on both her father and on the United States.

Coop and Monica have an instant attraction towards each other. Coop is a man of few words though. Monica has written a book entitled “Talk the Walk” stating that words are necessary in relationships.  Monica has a faith in God that Coop does not understand or think is logical. But he is soon to learn that faith may be all that he can trust in when Monica’s life is thrown into even more danger.

I liked the action of this book. The story was suspenseful and entertaining. I thought that the issues of faith were portrayed very weakly though. I appreciate a spine-tingling story without all of the cursing and sex that you find in mainstream fiction. I look forward to reading Irene Hannon’s next two books in this Heroes of Quantico series.

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Another hit for John Grisham. I hope that he never goes the route of co-authoring with someone like so many of these authors are doing. So far I have enjoyed every one of Grisham’s books.

The Street Lawyer starts off with a gunman holding a group of lawyers hostage in a conference room. From the very beginning this book is a page-turner! The gunman known as “Mister” is a homeless man who is disgruntled at the law firm for evicting him from an abandoned warehouse. Michael Brock is one of those being held. He is 32 years old and on the fast-track to becoming partner in the firm. Shook up over the ordeal and its outcome Michael searches for answers to what resources the homeless have in the Washington DC area.

With lots of twists and turns John Grisham takes us from the streets to the courtroom. A very interesting read!

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Dawn of the Dreadfuls takes us to how the Bennett girls became warriors protecting themselves and others against the onslaught of the “unmentionables”.

When zombies start arriving in their village Mr. Bennett immediately cleans out his old dojo that Mrs. Bennett has been using for a greenhouse. Soon after the new “Master” of the dojo arrives to teach the girls how to combat the unmentionables. The girls soon become social outcasts for their unseemly ways, but Mr. Bennett insists that they continue learning the art of combating the undead.

Mrs. Bennett is devastated when the girls are uninvited to the ball that was to be Lizzie’s “coming out”. But there are more pressing matters to worry about with more and more dreadfuls arriving.

When the ultimate battle of humans and dreadfuls arrives who will be the last ones standing? Is there any hope for Lizzie and the rest of the Bennett family?

I loved Pride and Prejudice and Zombies so was very much looking forward to reading P&P&Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls. It did not disappoint me. I enjoyed it very much. While I didn’t think it was as humorous as P&P& Zombies, it still had its humorous moments and it was very entertaining. There is a third installment to this series coming out soon entitled: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After that I am looking forward to reading.

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 A friend gave me this book a while back and I just now got to it. I think Georgette Heyer is an author that I have missed over the years! I now have to remedy that and get some more of her books! While Jane Austen is still my favorite author in literature I found Georgette Heyer’s characters witty and amusing just like Austen’s characters. If you like to read Historical Romance then this author is one you must check out!

A little bit of romance, a little bit of mystery and a little bit of hijinks make for a very entertaining read.

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