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On the night her 2 sisters died in a horrible accident Marianna Sommers was born. Raised in an Amish community in Indiana Marianna has tried her entire life to make up for the loss of her sisters.

Marianna is almost 20 and starting to think about having a home of her own. Aaron Zook has been taking an interest in her. He is building his own cabin and has dreams of one day living in it with Marianna.

Marianna’s brother Levi has left the community. He has caused embarrassment and heartache for his parents. When Uncle Ike comes to visit he talks about his life in Montana and how the Amish community there is not as strict as Indiana. Marianna’s father decides to move the family to Montana for a year to see what it is like. This causes Marianna great heartache at the thought of leaving Aaron and her brother behind. Her parents ask her to go with them for just 6 months as her mother is pregnant and needs Marianna to help with the younger children.

Marianna is determined to not like Montana. She is only there for 6 months to help her mother and then she plans to return to Aaron and her more strict Amish community. What she doesn’t count on is meeting Ben. He is not Amish, but he is a good friend to the Amish community. Hearing Ben talk about God as if he is a close friend raises all kinds of questions for Marianna. Marianna slowly learns to love the community of people, but she also realizes that she is coming to care for Ben and that cannot happen.

Meanwhile back in Indiana Aaron has tried to forget Marianna by trying to learn to love another girl. Naomi is heartbroken over Levi leaving, she too is trying to mend her broken heart. Will the two of them find comfort and love in each other’s company?

The story and characters grew on me as I progressed through the book. The second book in the series comes out in October and I am determined to get it so I can find out what happens. I am not normally an Amish fiction fan, but I did enjoy Beside Still Waters.


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Ariella was sold into slavery as a young girl to an evil Roman politician. She escapes him by disguising herself as a young boy and joins a gladiator troupe. They arrive in Pompeii to entertain the citizens who’s boredom and debauchery has turned into a demand for more and more bloodshed in the arena’s.

Cato has escaped to Pompeii after his failed political career in Rome. He is determined to live a life of leisure as a winemaker. What he doesn’t count on is the corrupt leadership of one man who is determined that Cato will not usurp his authority in Pompeii.

When Cato chances to meet the young “lad” Ari and discovers her secret he is determined that she will no longer fight in the arena. Sparks fly between the two. Ari’s heart has been hardened by years of abuse and she is determined not to let this Roman into her heart. When Cato’s sister is wrongly sent to jail he is determined to end the corruption that has been governing Pompeii. What he doesn’t count on is the evilness of this ruler, the support of local Christians, and the simmering mountain of Vesuvius. Will Cato find faith in the Christian’s Messiah or will all be lost to evil?

I have said before that I am not usually a fan of Historical fiction. But T.L. Higley writes in a way that captures and holds my attention. I loved her novel Guardian of the Flame and Pompeii City On Fire did not disappoint me. The characters and story have stayed with me even after the exciting ending of the book!

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Welcome back to Otter Bay! This is the 3rd book in the Otter Bay series. I have read A Shore Thing but haven’t read Sweet Waters yet. In Fade To Blue we read about Suzanne’s story. She is Gage’s(from A Shore Thing) sister who came with her son Jeremiah to live with him after her husband was sent to jail and divorced her.

Suz is working for a company that restores art. She is learning how to do the tedious job of restoring a piece of art to its original beauty. She finds out quickly though that this isn’t her passion. She loves to paint murals.

Suz’s world is set on end when she runs into an old flame. Seth was her boyfriend when she decided to marry Len her ex husband. It’s a small world when she starts running into Seth everywhere she goes. He has bought a window washing company and they seem to be working on the same places. Seth is bitter about their old relationship.

When Len is set to be paroled he writes Suz a letter letting her know that he is a changed man and he wants to be involved with Jeremiah’s life. Suz is confused about her feelings for Seth and her desire to give Len a chance to prove his new life.

Throughout all of Suz’s struggles, her brother and his fiance’ Callie are there to support her and offer advice and love. Also her friend Letty whom she works with. I’m hoping that there is another installment to the Otter Bay series and that it will be Letty’s story.

I enjoyed Fade To Blue. I did get a bit frustrated with Suz lack of seeing the true colors of her ex husband. I think that she should have been more searching into the truth of her ex’s conversion. For the most part I am becoming attached to the characters that make up Otter Bay.

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 A friend gave me this book a while back and I just now got to it. I think Georgette Heyer is an author that I have missed over the years! I now have to remedy that and get some more of her books! While Jane Austen is still my favorite author in literature I found Georgette Heyer’s characters witty and amusing just like Austen’s characters. If you like to read Historical Romance then this author is one you must check out!

A little bit of romance, a little bit of mystery and a little bit of hijinks make for a very entertaining read.

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  As always Morganville is a perilous place to live if you are human. But once you live in Morganville there is no leaving. With the death of Ada, the machine that keeps the boundaries of Morganville, the town is left vulnerable to outsiders. As a punishment for killing a vampire(in self-defense) Claire is sent to Myrnin’s lab with instructions to build a new machine that will control the boundaries and also open the portals for travel between places in Morganville. She is not allowed sleep as it is imperative that the boundaries go up immediately.

Claire and Myrnin get the job done and everything seems to be working perfectly. Not long after the machine is put online Claire realizes that strange things are happening in Morganville. When she goes to check the machine, she sees that Myrnin has made some changes. He is unwilling to allow Claire to see what changes have been made. He has put a security field around the machine so that nobody can turn it off.

Things go from bad to worse when people start having gaps of memories. It seems like years have been erased. Of course it is up to Claire, Eve, Michael and Shane to get to the bottom of the memory loss. Claire knows exactly what is causing the problem. She is unable to get to the machine though because Myrnin has reverted back to his “crazy” days. He doesn’t remember Claire as his student in the lab. He will not allow her near the machine so she is unable to turn it off.

When everyone who is close to her seems to forget who she is, Claire must rely on Frank(Shane’s father turned vampire) to help her make things right before she too forgets.

Ghost Town is one roller coaster ride after another! There were several times I had to put the book down because I was just so stressed out about what was happening or going to happen next! I can’t wait for the next installment of the Morganville Vampire series, they keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

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Hoping to not repeat the Year of Humiliating Events(YOHE) that was Erin P. Swifts 7th grade year she embarks on her 8th grade year with high hopes.

She meets her new locker partner Reede. Reede offers to “make-over” Erin’s looks. Erin can’t deny that she admires Reede for her seeming maturity and makeup savvy but at the same time she worries that Reede’s skills in the computer lab may usurp her own.

Mark is Erin’s best friend. They play basketball together, they tease each other. Erin had a crush on him the year before but now Mark has a girlfriend and Erin has a new boyfriend. Some of her other friends swear that they will turn out to be a Harry Met Sally couple.

Erin can’t seem to talk to her mother anymore. Her mother doesn’t seem to understand her. Erin seems to only be able to talk to her friend Mr. F the school custodian whom she shares many secrets with and gets good advice from.

When her brother brings over a total HOTTIE friend Erin thinks that she is in love. He makes her feel older than she really is. He is 3 years older than her and she is willing to risk friendships and parental disappointment to prove to him how grown up she is.

When tragedy strikes Erin finds out what truly matters in her world.

I really enjoyed this story. Working with Middle Schoolers I totally see all of the boyfriend/girlfriend events going on. Denise Vega really captured the essence of the Middle School community.

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Vlad’s dad has returned from hiding which leaves Vlad feeling confused, angry and happy all at once. He is needing answers from his dad but they are slow in coming.

Em has given Vlad until the beginning of the New Year to hand over his dad Tomas to the Vampire Council or Vlad will stand trial and be killed. Joss has been given until the New Year to slay Vlad. If Joss doesn’t kill Vlad by that time the Slayer Society will kill everyone in Bathory, humans and vampires.

Vlad is convinced that he is the prophesied Provus. Will his powers be used for good or for evil?

People keep telling me that this is the last book in the series, but I am not convinced. Heather Brewer has left the ending wide open for another sequel. At least that is the way I see it! I am not impressed with the ending of this book. In fact I am really disappointed! That doesn’t mean I didn’t like the rest of the book. At least Vlad wasn’t bawling every other page(see other reviews of the series).

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