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Bill Mann seemed to be leading the charmed life. After a year of pilot training he earned his wings. He was the best in his class. He was married to the woman of his dreams. Then he was shipped to Viet Nam.

He was the best fighter pilot in his unit. He could even fly better than most while suffering a hangover or being drunk. Ten months after his marriage his wife sends him a “Dear John” letter. She tells him that she is filing for divorce. It seems like his charmed life is over.

Bill is fighting his demons. He has been running away from God for all of his life. God didn’t help when men attacked and killed his mother. It seems that God has let him down every step of his life and he is wanting nothing to do with Him.

Even while rescuing himself and 2 of his friends, he calls on God but realizes that he is being a hypocrite by doing so. Through that heroic rescue he almost loses a leg. He does lose the ability to go back and finish out his tour of duty.

Once home he determines to find his ex-wife. Throughout the whole book God is placing people in Bill’s life to show him the way to God. Each step of the way he rejects Him.

When I first picked up this book I really thought I would hate it! I am not a big fan of war stories and it seemed more of a “male” book to me. BUT, I was hooked very early in the story. I couldn’t put it down. Being a lover of “The Happily Ever After” club I was disappointed at the ending of the story. Also, the Epilogue seemed a bit random. Those aside, it was an EXCELLENT story and I am happy I didn’t put it down after reading the back of the book. It is not just a “guy” book.


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Tabitha and her friends have promised each other and God to not have sex until they are married. To show their commitment they each have a ring to signify their vow.

When one of the girls has sex it threatens to break up their whole friendship. Tabitha is sad that her friend made that choice and broke her promise, but Tabitha decides she needs to stick by her when the leader of the group wants nothing more to do with her.

Tabitha is caught in the middle. She wants to remain faithful to her promise. But she also doesn’t believe that having sex is an “unforgivable” sin like her friend Morgan believes. Tabitha is sad to lose her best friend Morgan. But Tabitha cannot be as harsh as Morgan and ignore a friend in trouble.Tabitha struggles with the changes that have overcome their group of friends. She wants everything to be back the way it was, but struggles with the rift that has separated her and her best friend.

Wow! Terra McVoy has really captured the struggle that such a commitment involves. At first I thought that the author might poke fun at the millions of teens that have made that commitment. But I think she captured the reality of how difficult it is for people to remain pure when they are carried away by lustful feelings. There were times that I questioned whether I was going to like this book or not but in the end I really liked it. Thank you Ms. McVoy for a very thought-provoking read!

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This is a re-post. I read this several months ago and since I had posted reviews of Life as we knew it and The Dead & The Gone I thought I would also post the link to my review of This World We Live In:


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The Dead & The Gone is a companion to Life As We Knew It. At first I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t a sequel to Life As We Knew It. But I ended up liking The Dead & The Gone a bit more than Life As We Knew It.

When the meteor hits the moon Alex is at his work in New York City. With deadly tidal waves covering the city he rushes home to find his family. Not knowing if his parents are alive or dead, Alex is now responsible for taking care of his 2 sisters.

At first living in the city is much easier than what Miranda and her family are facing in the country. But things soon take a turn for the worse. As food supplies run out and winter sets in Alex and his sisters are forced to break into people’s homes to find any food or warmth that they can find to survive.

I think this was a much darker book than Life as we Knew It, but I seemed to feel more for Alex and his sisers. The horrors that they see in the city are so vivid. It truly is the worst nightmare that a person can imagine.

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When the moon is hit by a meteor which moves it closer to earth, the life that Miranda and her family knew is now changed forever.

Thankfully Miranda’s mother is a quick thinker. As soon as the catastrophe happens she rushes to the grocery store to stockpile food. They will need it in the coming months.

With the moon shifting closer to earth the seasons are now out of whack. Weather is very extreme and winter is bitter and miserable. People are dying from starvation and exposure to the harsh winter.

The story is told in diary form from Miranda’s point of view. Sometimes the reader wants to reach into the story and smack Miranda and tell her to quit being so self-centered! Other than that I really got caught up in the story and the lives of the people in it. And it really does have you asking the question of yourself “What would I do?”

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Kaida, Zeke and Joy are all going on a class trip to Carlsbad Caverns. They are riding together with one of their teachers. While in the middle of the desert they end up in a crash. Everyone manages to escape the wreckage but they cannot find their teacher. When it starts pouring rain they take refuge in a cave. Trying to keep away from the opening Joy backs up into the cave and falls into a hole. While trying to rescue Joy, both Zeke and Kaida end up in the hole also. Searching for a way out they find themselves once again falling.

The story picks up with Kaida waking up thinking that she has had a bad dream. But it seemed so real to her. When she arrives at school she finds Zeke looking at her in an odd way. Realizing that they need to talk they meet up. While walking along they see a man hit by a car. Nobody helps him, pretty soon a van pulls up and men get out and load up the bleeding man. Everyone acts like nothing has happened. When Kaida mentions it at home to her brother she is told not to talk about it.

It doesn’t take long for Kaida, Zeke and Joy to realize that they are not living in the same world that they left before the accident. Nobody mentions being sick. There are no hospitals and no drugs. To speak of these things could get you arrested.

While trying to find some “spills”(illegal medicine) to help heal Joy’s arm and a friends mother the group is arrested and put into jail. Racing the clock to escape and find their way back to the exact spot that they arrived in is an exciting adventure.

I really enjoyed this book. It kept my attention and kept me on the edge of my seat. I think that Prism ended in a way that could leave an opening for a series or at least another book. I haven’t heard or read anything that there will be, but I would look forward to a second book.

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It is the summer of 1899 and Calpurnia Tate(Callie) is 11 years old. Callie befriends her cantankerous grandfather whom for years has been a mystery to her. Being raised with 6 brothers Callie is very disturbed at her mother’s attempts to make a lady out of her.

Callie spends her days with her grandfather exploring nature. On one of their excursions they find a possible new form of plant. They spend the summer anxiously waiting to hear if it is what they think it is.

Throughout the summer Callie learns to love her grandfather. She learns about nature around her. And she learns that there are responsibilities that she herself has as a growing young woman.

I loved this sweet novel! It made me laugh and it made me cry. I loved the relationship that Calpurnia formed with her grandfather. I loved the transformation of Calpurnia as she came to discover things for herself and became her own person while struggling against the restraints of the time period.  

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