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Matt Hogan is an undercover FBI agent. His latest assignment is to infiltrate a ring of criminals suspected of everything from sex slavery to murder.  The operation is suspected of attempting to kill a FBI agents wife because she witnessed the disposal of a body on a lonely road.

 Matt’s cover is almost blown a couple of times. Each time he is able to convince the “bad guys” that he really is one of them and that their concerns are unfounded. If he is found out to be an FBI agent these criminals will have no problem getting rid of him to save their industry.

Matt rents a warehouse to help establish his credibility with Boris the boss of the crime ring. When Boris brings in a Marine tank and secretly plants explosives on it, Matt realizes that Boris and his gang are into way more than he bargained for.

There were parts of this book that I really enjoyed reading. It kept me on the edge of my seat at times. It had a pretty exciting conclusion. BUT, there were other parts of the book that I didn’t like at all. The treatment of one of the FBI’s woman co-worker was so irritating. They called her “The Queen Mother” behind her back and they acted condescending to her face. True, she probably deserved it, but we as the reader only knew this from Matt and his partners point of view. We didn’t get a glimpse of what her thoughts were, what her motives were etc. It seemed a bit too woman bashing for the sake of woman bashing than deserved treatment. There were also several times that I found my eyes rolling at some silly clichés that the author would insert randomly throughout the book. This was definitely a “guy” book. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy the action and suspense. I’ll pass it on to my husband and see what he thinks.


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Layla is a contractor. An unusual profession for a woman. But she is very good at her work. In fact she has just been nominated for a prestigious award. When one of the homes that she has built burns down and a dead body is found in the remains Layla becomes a suspect.

Maddox is the detective working the case. He too is good at his job. His one regret is that he was never able to find the person who murdered his mother. With a broken relationship with his father, and resentment towards a God that would allow his mother to die Maddox is only too willing to believe the worst of Layla.

Layla decides that she is going to try to discover who burned the house and murdered the person inside. While seeking answers from the various people that she contracted to work the site the killer realizes that she needs to be warned off. Layla is side-tracked when people she knows are brought to the hospital with bleeding noses that won’t stop and respiratory problems. The doctors can’t figure out what is the common denominator in the symptoms and they can’t identify what is causing the symptoms.

When Layla’s sister Alana’s fiance’ is hurt in an explosion, Maddox and his partner decide that they need to protect Layla from whomever is trying to hurt her. With their growing attraction for each other sparks fly! But Layla’s faith baffles Maddox. As the mystery unfolds and relationships are mended Maddox begins to see how faith is an important part of our existence.

As the killer becomes more desperate Maddox and Layla race the clock to find out the reason behind the killings. Will they be in time to prevent another tragedy?

Robin Caroll has written an excitement-filled story that will keep the reader wanting to turn the pages until the very end.

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Someone is writing on a blog that she wishes certain popular people were dead. She is feeling abused by the popular people.  When 3 of the most popular students at school disappear she begins to freak out and realize that someone has seen her wish and has decided to act upon it.

Madison and Tyler are taking their turn driving for Safe Rides. A service for people who have had too much to drink. They are supposed to make sure their “client” is safely in their home before leaving them. Unfortunately Madison and Tyler do not make sure that Lucy is safe because she refuses to go into the house. Frustrated with Lucy they drive away. Not knowing that this will be the last time they ever see her.

The whole town is on edge especially after 2 more students disappear. Tyler seems to know more than he is sharing with Madison. Throughout the story she is consumed by her attraction towards him, but also leery of him because he is new and mysterious.

Is there a serial killer out there getting revenge on popular students? Who will be next? Why is this happening in this quiet affluent town?

Wish You Were Dead was truly a nail-biter! Especially the ending! A must read for those who enjoy a good mystery/scary story.

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This is the story of Susie Salmon. When the story opens she is already in “heaven” telling the reader her story.

Susie was viciously raped and murdered by her neighbor Mr. Harvey. The details of that crime are in the first few pages of this novel. The rest of the story is Susie’s account of how her family and friends cope with her death. Also about how she herself copes with her death. Susie is in what she calls “my heaven”.

It was a struggle for me to get through this book. Since the movie came out a lot of the students at work are asking for this book. I do not think it is appropriate for the middle school age student. The rape and murder scene is pretty graphic. There are other references to sex throughout the story. Not a story for me, but others may find it to their liking.

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Nina disappeared two years ago. Leaving her mother and sister to wonder where she went or if she is even still alive.

Ellie, Nina’s sister, works at a coffee-house her friend Amanda works at a shop called Attic. When the girls are going through a box of junk dropped off for “crap day” a drawing falls out of a book. The drawing is one that Ellie recognizes as her sister’s. While reviewing the video camera they spot the person that dropped the box of junk off leaving a flyer on the public bulletin board. The flyer is for a party. Ellie decides to attend to see if she can find anyone that recognizes her sisters picture. At the party she meets a boy wearing a mask. They seem to hit it off but don’t have enough time to get to know each other.

The next day the boy shows up at Ellie’s work. What transpires after that is Ellie and Sean taking off across country following clues to find Nina’s whereabouts. Ellie just knows that she is on the right track to find Nina alive, but with a scary twist to the story will Ellie herself make it home alive?

I’m kind of torn with this book. I want to give it 4 hearts because I really liked the twist to the story. But seriously I almost put this book down after the first couple of chapters. The language, the party scene, drug and alcohol usage by underage teens, sexual situations and innuendo’s would keep me from recommending this to too many people. And especially not young teens. So that is why I gave it 3 hearts instead of 4.

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