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Layla is a contractor. An unusual profession for a woman. But she is very good at her work. In fact she has just been nominated for a prestigious award. When one of the homes that she has built burns down and a dead body is found in the remains Layla becomes a suspect.

Maddox is the detective working the case. He too is good at his job. His one regret is that he was never able to find the person who murdered his mother. With a broken relationship with his father, and resentment towards a God that would allow his mother to die Maddox is only too willing to believe the worst of Layla.

Layla decides that she is going to try to discover who burned the house and murdered the person inside. While seeking answers from the various people that she contracted to work the site the killer realizes that she needs to be warned off. Layla is side-tracked when people she knows are brought to the hospital with bleeding noses that won’t stop and respiratory problems. The doctors can’t figure out what is the common denominator in the symptoms and they can’t identify what is causing the symptoms.

When Layla’s sister Alana’s fiance’ is hurt in an explosion, Maddox and his partner decide that they need to protect Layla from whomever is trying to hurt her. With their growing attraction for each other sparks fly! But Layla’s faith baffles Maddox. As the mystery unfolds and relationships are mended Maddox begins to see how faith is an important part of our existence.

As the killer becomes more desperate Maddox and Layla race the clock to find out the reason behind the killings. Will they be in time to prevent another tragedy?

Robin Caroll has written an excitement-filled story that will keep the reader wanting to turn the pages until the very end.


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Idella is 19 years old. She lives with her mother and grandmother. Her brother is away at college studying to be a missionary. Their father was killed 6 months before by a drunk driver.

Idella and her grandmother have a very strained relationship. Idella is very self-centered. She has no time for older people. Idella gets a job at Treasure Care a mentoring program for troubled young girls. Idella just knows she has wisdom to impart to these girls and put them on the right path. The only problem is she doesn’t seem to connect with the girls that she is assigned. Meredith hardly talks. Valerie is brash and talks too much. Carla seems to be the only one that Idella can relate to. She has the looks, the friends, and she seems to be very spiritual.

The family is facing the trial of the young man that killed their father/husband/son. Will Grandma’s prayers for Idella ever be answered? Will the family be able to forgive the young man? Will Idella see her shallowness and mend her relationship with Grandma? Will she succeed in the mentoring program?

Jackie Gilmore knows how to weave a great story. She draws you into the lives of her characters. I was totally irritated with Idella. I felt the Grandma’s pain. I cried for their loss and for their triumphs. Great first novel and I hope there are more to come!

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